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Arafa Holding

Employer Arafa Holding

Job Title Junior Buyer

Vacancy Deadline(mm/dd/yy) 8/31/2014

Languages V.Good read & Write English

Languages Arabic, Excellent

English, Very Good

Country Egypt

City 10 of Ramadan

Job Category Purchasing, Procurement, Supply Chain

Job Type Full Time

Job Level Junior

Description 1.Receiving Planning purchase requisitions with all related data. (Description of item, material desired, quantity and quality necessary, desired delivery date, and suppliers name if available) 2.Placing orders with vendors. 3.Monitoring orders through routine follow up, especially orders with lengthy lead times to ensure suppliers delivery dates are achievable. 4.Communicating changes in quantities and delivery dates needs of the operating units to suppliers to allow them time to change their plans. 5.Projecting potential delays and relay that information to the operating units. 6.Communicating with logistic departments to arrange for shipping the ready orders through the most effective, least cost ways

Qualifications 1.Fresh Graduate, Bachelor degree, or 1~2 years experience.

Gender Any

Car owner Any

Experience 1 – 2 Years.

Other Skills -.Communication skills. -.Interpersonal skills. -.Team player. Committed. -.Computer skills (word and excel). -.Perfect English Language. -.Self-motivated. -.Organized and ability to prioritize tasks. -.Ability to work under pressure.

Salary (L.E.) Negotiable

Comments -Job located at 10th of Ramadan city. -Pls. mentioned “Buyer “at mail subject. Mails without mentioned subject will be out of applicant pool

Job Contact Email [email protected]